Active Grants

There are hundreds of external funding pots out there that may be suitable to help you with your project, whether local, regional or national.


Always remember:

Don’t change your project to fit with the funder’s criteria, try and find a funder that fits as near as possible to want you want to achieve.

There are a small selection of what is out there to apply for, but may give you a good ideas as to what’s involved in applying for a bid, and what criteria different funders are looking for. If none of these fit with the project you’re looking to fund, or you’d like help with the application process, please get in touch via our contact form on out homepage.

The Sports Forum provides small grants up to £150 for club development, club start ups and trophies.

They meet every two months and review any new submissions (NB you must be a member of the Sports Forum to apply; any sports club in the Borough can join for £20 per year).

Read more here.

The Borough Lottery is a weekly online lottery created to support local cases in Nuneaton and bedworth. 

For more information head to our Borough Lottery page.

The Warwickshire County Council Councillors’ Grant Fund is aimed at community and voluntary organisations. It provides each of the 57 Councillors with a pot of £6,000 to support small-scale projects within their division that support the following outcomes:

  • Warwickshire’s communities and individuals are supported to be safe, healthy and independent
  • Warwickshire’s economy is vibrant and supported by the right jobs, training, skills and infrastructure

The application window opens up every few months to apply for, and the amount that each councillor has left, and guidance notes can be found here.


This regional funding stream looks for projects that demonstrate:

  • A wider community benefit and an identified need e.g. health, young people, elderly, community cohesion etc.
  • Involvement of local people
  • Locally based
  • Supports self-help and voluntary efforts
  • Neighbourhood or grass roots based projects
  • An aim to tackle isolation and exclusion
  • Help for vulnerable people

They are on hand to discuss your project before you apply, and make the process as easy as possible. Check it out here.

National Lottery Awards for All has three funding priorities. You must meet at least one of them.

Their priorities are:

  • bringing people together and building strong relationships in and across communities
  • improving the places and spaces that matter to communities
  • enabling more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

Bids can range from £300 to £10,000, and there is no application deadline so you can apply whenever you like. Read more here.

The BlueSpark Foundation is a registered charity whose objective is to fund or part-fund projects that aim to improve the education and development of children and young people by means of educational, cultural, sporting or other activities.

The funding is intended to support projects that have the following objectives:

  • Encouraging independence
  • Developing team working skills
  • Developing self confidence
  • Promoting creativity and individuality
  • Encouraging aspiration
  • Enhancing educational achievement
  • Widening educational horizons

The funding is for relatively small-scale projects, which might not happen at all or would only happen on a lesser scale without the support of BlueSpark. Read their guidance notes, and apply here.



The Small Grants programme offers funding to projects involving adults and young people aged 14 or over which meet one or more of the aims of the ‘Towards an Active Nation’ strategy:

  • Get inactive people to become more active
  • Develop lasting sporting habits
  • Engender more positive attitudes among young people
  • Develop more diverse volunteers
  • Improve progression and inclusion among the most talented
  • Projects working with mixed age groups may still be considered if there is a focus on people aged 14 and over.

Read more about whether this fund is suitable here.

These football grants are designed to improve stadium safety and
enable clubs to satisfy The FA’s ground grading requirements. The role the FSIF
plays is vitally important as without funding many clubs would have been unable
to achieve the necessary criteria, preventing them from achieving promotions or
even facing relegation for failure to comply.

From installing new floodlights, upgrading playing surfaces and
developing all-seater stands, the goal of the project is to improve the
matchday experience of players, officials and spectators.

Check out the eligibility criteria and what type of funding your
club can apply for 

Asda’s charity, Asda Foundation, is committed to supporting local communities through grant giving and we believe it takes a whole community working together to improve people’s lives.

This grant is designed to support the increased running costs groups will face between September 2022 and February 2023, including rent increases and electricity cost rises. The term ‘warm banks’ has emerged in recent months encouraging community locations this winter to remain open for longer to provide people with a warm, safe place to be rather than heating homes or living in a cold property. Are you a community group that are going to open longer to support individuals in your local area and provide a warm place to be?

There are TWO options within this grant. Groups must be clear from the outset which option they intend to apply for: A) Increased rent and utility bill support B) Increased food costs support. 

Read more about the fund here

Think Active believe passionately in the power and impact of sport and physical activity to transform lives and to keep people living well. Funding is what makes things happen, empowering communities, activating neighbourhoods and creating the possibility of getting those living a sedentary life, moving.

Read more about their available funding here

The Club Loans Scheme, which now incorporates the former Greens Loans Scheme, is just one of the many ways that Bowls England helps its member clubs.

A total of £650,000 is allocated to support clubs affiliated to Bowls England who wish to improve their facilities.

In doing so, Bowls England enables clubs to develop whilst at the same time putting its reserves to good use for the benefit of members.

A Club Loan may be used for any reasonable purpose including:

  • Purchase of lawn mowers, scarifiers, turf irons or sprinkler systems
  • Repair of ditches and banks
  • Clubhouse development
  • Fencing
  • Car parking
  • Changing rooms

Read more about the funding here

From goalposts to changing pavilions, whatever you need the Football Foundation has got you covered. Check out the full line up of funding opportunities you could be eligible for.

For more information about the funding, click here

This fund makes awards of up to £10,000 using National Lottery funding, from a pot of £7 million, to help community sport and physical activity groups create or improve facilities in their local area.

Working with projects across the country, Places and Spaces is a match-funding initiative, delivered in partnership with Crowdfunder. 

They are especially interested in receiving bids from areas experiencing high levels of deprivation, impact of coronavirus (Covid-19), loss capability and capacity in community organisations.

For more information about the funding, click here

The fund is overseen by a Community Fund Panel made up of our customers who review applications and so, ultimately, it’s our customers who decide where the money goes. 

Our customers have helped us to create and shape our community fund. We’ve spoken to lots of you to better understand your community needs, and as a result, have chosen to design our fund around improving community wellbeing.

By this we mean:

People: Projects that help people to lead a healthier life and gain new skills

Places: Projects that help to create better places to live in and use

Environment: Projects that will help look after our natural environment, give people greater access to that environment or help look after water

We seek to fund projects that link to these key elements of community wellbeing – with favourability shown to projects that ideally lie within a ‘sweet spot’ that incorporates all three. If you’re applying for over £75,000, please note that a combination of all three of these themes is necessary to be eligible.

And of course, being a water company, naturally we’d love to see applications for projects that have a connection to water too (although not essential)! This might mean creating sustainable drainage, installing grey water recycling or creating water efficient green spaces.

For more information about the funding, click here

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