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Pull up Bar

Pull ups are an essential part of a strength training. The Pull Up bar offers a range of exercises, featuring multiple grips for different hand positions. 

By placing the feet on the horizontal bars beginners can decrease their bodyweight during pull ups and work their way up to advanced training. 

Sit Up

This station is perfect for strengthening abdominal muscles and providing core stability, which helps support and protect internal organs and aids in breathing. 
It also helps the development of upper body muscles such as shoulders and biceps, as well as aiding the flexibility and agility of joints. It can be used for a wide variety of sit-ups and abdominal crunch exercises, as well as seated leg raise exercises. 


Leg Lift Station

The Leg Lift Station is an excellent piece of equipment for ab workouts. it allows users to exercise their abdominal muscles by performing leg lifts while holding themselves up in the chair. Exercising in this manner targets all of the abdominal muscles.


Body Twister

This is specially designed to improve flexibility, core strength and cardio fitness. The twist element encourages hip twisting exercises, improving flexibility and core strength.

Suitable for all abilities, users can set their own pace. It’s easy to use and a huge amount of fun!

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